Head Injuries

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Naked Group Photo 2The following is re-printed with permission from its author. His message needs to be heard over and over: Head injuries are serious!
"As a volunteer at my housing Co-op I had to work with a person who has brain damage. I thought I would tell you about her because she is a good argument for wearing a helmet. I understand she was hurt in a car accident. She has lost many of the abilities she once had and can no longer work. She seems normal at first glance but when you have to work with her, her severe disability becomes apparent. She has difficulty comprehending written material and at times does not attempt to read package instructions or income tax forms. She spends much time and energy trying to cover up her problem, but this is not possible. She does not seem to fully understand what has happened to her, trying to carry on as if she was OK. She attempted to start a youth program, but she is so disorganized it was doomed from the start. She called me up to her apartment one evening to help her fill out an online application for a Trillium Foundation grant. She could not understand some of the questions and wanted me to make up answers for her. I was shocked. It is pitiful to see a person reduced to this state and I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone. In some ways it might be better to be blind or paraplegic. I always wear a helmet when I ride my bike, even though I have never had a bad accident." Author: Douglas Yardley

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