Mandatory Safety Standards for Helmets Necessary!

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UnknownFirst of all ... our heartfelt condolences to the family of the 16 year old boy who died on Saturday morning from the head injuries he sustained while skiing in the terrain park at Uxbridge. No family should ever have to bury their own child! The teenager's name will not been released until all next of kin are notified. This accident is likely to spur the ongoing debate about the mandatory use of safety helmets. This young man was wearing his helmet yet it was unable to protect him due to the severity of his accident. The critical issue in light of this accident, in my opinion, involves the lack of safety certification for ski and snowboard helmets sold in Canada. When Canadians buy a safety helmet, customers expect the helmet has been tested and meets safety standards. Unfortunately this is not necessarily the case. The only helmets regulated in Canada are hockey and lacrosse helmets. Standards recommended for ski and snowboarding helmets are voluntary. Richard Kinar, a spokesperson with the Brain Injury Association, said, “Parents are put at a complete disadvantage because they don’t know what it is that they’re buying. It could be a helmet that does meet an international standard, but we don’t think that even that international standard is safe enough. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has created what we think is the best standard in the world for ski and snowboard helmets, but that’s being watered down as we speak because helmet manufacturers have refused. It comes down to cost, and successful lobbying efforts on Parliament Hill by the helmet manufacturers, who are acting absolutely irresponsible by not coming up with a better helmet. The federal government has completely let Canadians down.” Tail Wags Helmet Covers is certainly an advocate for mandatory safety standards for ALL helmets! Please join us in calling for this change by sharing this blog post with your friends and elected government officials.

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  • It seems that the problem of poor design innovation and reluctant commercialization initiatives for composite materials still exists. Perhaps an Open Source Design with Impact Simulation based on current NCAP and EuroNCAP HIC will embarrass the current status quo of manufacturers into retracting their nonsense. Otherwise let the Startups take market share with product that actually works.

    Robert White on
  • Thank you so much Robert for posting your comment! I agree … manufacturers of helmets should be embarrassed by their resistance to proper testing of their products. Presumably they have a vested interest in ensuring the safety of their customers. Let’s hope the industry “pulls up its socks” in the near future.

    Karyn on

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