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2 Princesses on TobogganTobogganing is a great sport and its one of the few winter activities that is still free for participants (other than the original cost of the sled). But the "fun" of the sport can come with a cost if certain safety measures are not observed! In late December, a 25-year-old man died after a tobogganing incident in Windsor, Ontario. Police said the man had slipped and fallen into a tree during the outing. According to the Canada Safety Council, most sledding injuries are preventable. Guidelines for Safe Tobogganing:
  • Parents please assess the area before your child starts tobogganing. Are there any trees, fences or snowmaking equipment (usually found on ski slopes) that could cause serious injuries if your child hit them?
  • Encourage children to wait their turn before heading down the slope.
  • Insist that kids walk back up the tobogganing run along the sides of the hill NOT in the middle of the run.
  • Most importantly, please make sure your child is wearing a skate, ski or snowboard helmet. Unfortunately, bike helmets will not properly protect your child’s head in a tobogganing accident.
Do you have any further recommendations to help ensure the safety of our children? I’d love your feedback!

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