The Invisible Illness

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what-is-a-ConcussionConcussions: No wonder they are called the invisible illness. The person looks fine but they feel horrible! I suffered a serious concussion on Friday morning when walking the dogs. I slipped on some black ice (didn't even see it coming) and smashed my head full force on the asphalt. Four days later and I still feel very fragile: dizzy, headache, and pressure in my head even though I've been resting ever since the accident. I'm an avid reader but I couldn't focus on my book because reading caused the pressure in my head to increase. Sitting up was only tolerable for short periods of time. I can only imagine how Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins' hockey player who suffered multiple concussions, felt when he was forced to sit in a dark room for months with no TV, electronic games or books! But total rest is the only way to heal because if you push yourself too quickly, you can cause further permanent damage. Please keep this in mind if you know someone who has suffered from a concussion. Even though they look fine, they're not! They need a quiet place, preferably in a dark room, to rest. And they need lots of tender loving care because they're suffering ... silently!  

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  • Hope you’re feeling better today Pam! Thinking of you.

    Karyn on
  • Dear Pam,
    Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad fall on the ice as well. It’s treacherous out there! I usually wear “boot tacks” that help prevent slipping on the ice but I’d lost my pair during my walk 2 days before. Needless to say, I went and bought 2 more pairs today!
    Hope you feel better soon!

    Karyn on
  • Really sorry you got hurt, Karyn. That’s brutal. I took a bad fall on the ice a couple of days ago and went down hard, but didn’t hurt my head. Wishing you better ASAP. And hugs.

    Pam @writewrds on

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