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9 tips to keep in mind when buying or using a helmet

19474Keep the following tips in mind when purchasing or using a helmet:
  1. Make sure there is a safety sticker inside (look for CSA, ASTM, CPSC or SNELL).
  2. There should not be any paint or stickers on the helmet because these substances can undermine the integrity of the plastic shell.
  3. There should not be any cracks, dents or other damage.
  4. Pads should touch the head at the front, sides, back and top.
  5. No more than two fingers should fit between the wearer’s eyebrows and the helmet.
  6. The V-strap must fit tightly under each earlobe.
  7. Only one finger should fit under the chin strap.
  8. Never wear a hat under a helmet (although "2nd skin/neoprene balaclavas are fine).
  9. Never wear a high ponytail with a helmet.
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