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imagesI’m delighted Canadians are outraged over the Royal Bank’s outsourcing of Canadian jobs to foreign workers! So they should be. There are 1000’s of qualified workers currently unemployed who could easily do these jobs. But the problem of outsourcing is far more pervasive. As a small Canadian business employing local sewers, graphic artists, photographers, bookkeepers, accountants, translators, web programmers, and marketing firms as well as buying from Canadian suppliers of fabrics and vinyl packaging, I am acutely aware of the pressure to send production overseas. Many of you may already know that the Dragons from the hit CBC TV show, The Dragons’ Den, offered an investment deal to Tail Wags Helmet Covers under the condition we send production of our products overseas. I turned the deal down and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to expand my business. The reason is I am dead-set against sending production offshore! Why? Canadians need Canadian businesses. It isn’t just my job that’s at stake; the people I employ on a contract basis are also counting on the work I provide.


The downside of staying in Canada is Canadians are more expensive to hire than foreign workers and that means my products are slightly more expensive than products produced in China, India and Pakistan. But the positive spin-offs of a Canadian made product are far greater because Canadian workers spend their hard earned dollars in Canada, thereby, benefitting other Canadian companies.


made_in_canadaIt’s time for companies to re-look at the business practice of reducing costs at all cost and that’s because the long-term consequences of offshore production in terms of the future stability of the Canadian economy are too great! The Royal Bank has learned that lesson the hard way this week. Let’s support our Canadian economy by supporting local businesses because we will all win in the long run!


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  • Thanks Jill and congratulations to you for your successful 100% Canadian business as well. Let’s hope more businesses jump on the made in Canada bandwagon!

    Karyn on
  • Thanks Gail! We need to start a trend amongst businesses in Canada!!!

    Karyn on
  • Yeah Karyn! Made in Canada has a lovely ring to it … I admire how you have grown your business and respect your decision to stay Canadian.
    I am still a woman show & will be at the Muskoka Show again this year. See you there?

    Just Jill

    Jill Dodds on
  • BRAVO!

    Gail on

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