What Message Are We Giving Our Kids?

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Orange Tiger with SignFor those of you who read my blog frequently, you'll know one of my pet peeves is parents who don't wear a safety helmet while biking, skiing and other active sports. This behaviour sends a very confusing message to kids and leaves them wondering if: * Adult brains don't need protecting? * Adults are invincible? Remember ... "Monkey See, Monkey Do"! Kids these days are smarter about helmet safety than a lot of grownups. But this is where the problem lies: When kids get older, they will often resort to the same behaviour as their parents. Hence, teens who ride around the block with mommy watching and then promptly remove their safety helmet when out of sight. If you really want your children to be safe and consistently wear their safety helmet, you need to wear one too! It really isn't a hard habit to get used to. In fact, many adults tell me that after wearing their helmet for a few times in a row, they then feel "naked" without one. Please help "stop naked riding" by being a good role model for your kids! And protect your own brains at the same time.  

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