Father's Day Contest

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I hope you'll enter this contest for a chance to win a FREE bike safety helmet and FREE Tail Wags Helmet Cover (retail value over $100.00) for your husband or dad. All you need to do is write a comment explaining why you think he should win! Father's Day contest

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  • My husband deserve to win cause he is a very best dad he give quality time to my babies he puts on them And givesthebest of him everyday he tries to learn more and more every day we love him and he would look great on the winning prize thx!!

    Maria on
  • My husband, Stephen deserves to win a helmet and Tail-Wags helmet cover so he can stop embarrassing our children! My husband believes in helmet safety, he is the only parent on the ice at hockey practices wearing a hockey helmet. The same helmet that he wears when he rides his bike with our boys. Our boys have begged him to get a bike helmet and his response is “I have a hockey helmet, I am good!” Please help stop the embarrassment of my husband wearing a hockey helmet and let my children be proud of a dad with a bike helmet with an awesome Tail-Wags helmet cover!

    Jennifer F on
  • My husband is the best. He single-handledly taught our 7 year old son to ride his bike. Our son is a very nervous kid who believes if you can’t do something right the first time you just can’t do it. It took two summers but now he’s a bike-riding kid who asks his dad to go on bike rides when dad comes home from work. He has way more patience than I do and for that he’s a Super Dad in my eyes. Next on the list is teaching son how to use his new rollerblades.

    Alicia Argenti on
  • My husband deserves to win this because he is an amazing dad and husband. He recently lost his Job and had been our sole provider for years! Every day since that day he has been applying for jobs and taking our 14 month old out for hour long bike rides! They both come back with huge smiles on their faces but the one thing my husband says is “I hate wearing you womanly helmet” (it’s purple with yellow!!) so I know he would love this as a gift and would use it daily and my son would laugh even more at the helmet cover! Thanks for the opportunity to apply!

    Ashley on
  • My husband is a BIG Flash fan, so much so, that at Halloween this past year he was DEVASTATED when his Flash costume order was cancelled by the online seller 2 days before Halloween. He had to go to our Superhero themed party as Wolverine (he had a cigar hanging out the side of his mouth all night so he got over it quickly). We also just bought new bikes this summer and we are having a blast zipping all over our neighbourhood. I think he would look GREAT in a FLASH helmet cover :)
    And, I may be biased, but I think he is the most caring, giving, and loyal husband I know and he deserves a little something special this Father’s day.

    Krystle McKenna on

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