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Blaze in Ride to Conquer CancerWe had a HUGE number of submissions for the Father’s Day Contest and picking the winner was a really tough decision. I wish I could give a free safety helmet and helmet cover to everyone who entered the contest (because every dad deserves to have FUN and be safe). Here are a few of our favourite customer quotes:


“What better way to be a good example for the kids, than wearing a cool new safety helmet and cover that suits him and shows off his personality!”

Our reply: Being a good role model for safety is key to teaching your kids to play it safe.


“My Dad hasn't had a new helmet in many years and though he doesn't bike much I think he'd go more if he could show off an awesome helmet cover!”

Our reply: If Tail Wags encourages people to get outside and be more active, then Tail Wags is doing a great job.


“We are promoting helmet safety and trying to get a helmet by-law here in Yellowknife. A helmet cover would bring attention to helmets and help make it cool to wear them again.”

Our reply: Tail Wags strives to make it COOL to wear a safety helmet.


Blaze Team“My father would look pretty snazzy in one of these awesome helmet covers. He is the hardest working person I have ever met, and still to this day chooses to work 3 jobs! Biking is his release, and any time he can get out on the trail, he enjoys it more than you can believe. I'm sure one of these fun covers would make his day.”

Our reply: We love hearing how an active lifestyle keeps people happy and healthy.


“My husband believes in helmet safety, he is the only parent on the ice at hockey practices wearing a hockey helmet. The same helmet that he wears when he rides his bike with our boys. Our boys have begged him to get a bike helmet and his response is “I have a hockey helmet, I am good!” Please help stop the embarrassment of my husband wearing a hockey helmet and let my children be proud of a dad with a bike helmet with an awesome Tail-Wags helmet cover!”

Our reply: Tail Wags wants to educate and encourage people to wear the right type of helmet for the various sports.


“I may be biased, but I think he is the most caring, giving, and loyal husband I know and he deserves a little something special this Father’s day.”

Our reply: Wonderful dads SHOULD be spoiled on their special day!


In order to make this contest as fair as possible, we decided to put all submissions in to a hat and draw one name. Drum roll please…


The winner of the bike safety helmet and Tail Wags Helmet Cover of their choice is: Allen Chen!


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  • Wish I had won…..but congrat’s to Allen for being the winner and Happy Fathers Day to all.

    Cathy on
  • Dear Cathy,
    I’m planning an even bigger giveaway/contest when Tail Wags Helmet Covers reaches 3000 fans on our Facebook page,, so pleased stay tuned!
    Best regards,

    Karyn on

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