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Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 3.32.49 PMThis is one of the best prize packages Tail Wags Helmet Covers and has ever offered ... a FREE Strider Bike, bike helmet and a Tail Wags Helmet Cover. It's a prize package worth approximately $250.00. It's easy to enter: simply click HERE and register before June 31st, 2013.

Toddler on Strider BikeWhy do we like Strider Bikes so much?

The trick to learning to ride is gaining balance and, believe it or not, the worst way to teach your kids to ride independently is to buy them a tricycle or training wheels. That's because tricycles and training wheels teach kids how NOT to balance. They become so dependent on these supports that they become terrified of riding free.


For those of you who have never seen or heard of Strider bikes, here’s a brief description:

  • There are no pedals on these bikes.
  • They are low to the ground so the child can place their feet firmly on the pavement.
  • The child starts by pushing themselves along with their feet. Of course, the child learns that if they lift their feet, they will glide nicely along. Whenever they feel as if they are beginning to wobble, they simply plant their feet back down.


Kid on Strider BikeThe concept of balance bikes is incredibly simple and they are a blessing for parents trying to teach their kids to ride. I remember the sore backs from running along beside my son’s bike, holding on to the bike seat. And I will never forget the crying fits and meltdowns because of my sons’ frustration when they fell. But today’s parents can avoid this aggravation and skip to the fun stage of riding together as a family.


You will be surprised by how quickly your child masters riding a 2-wheeler if you try a Strider Bike. I’ve heard of some kids who learned to balance and ride independently within a week or two of trying a pedal-less bike. But please be patient because every child learns at his/her own pace.

And, of course, a bike helmet is mandatory when your child is on any type of riding toy so we've included a bike helmet and Tail Wags Helmet Covers (your choice of design) in this prize package. Hope you'll decide to enter our contest because it's a win/win for you and your child!

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  • Thanks for visiting my blog site and posting a comment. We are doing another balance bike giveaway in the near future so pleased stay tuned to our blog site.
    Best regards,

    Karyn on
  • Great Bike! :)

    M Maraie on
  • Thanks Charity and good luck in our contest!

    Karyn on
  • I like these, very fun and for all ages, it makes wearing a helmet not seem so “uncool”, thank you for having a fun contest as well as promoting such a great product

    charity on
  • These make perfect sense. Every child care center should have these. I can’t wait to it when I win this contest. Yay me.

    Cheryl on

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