Toronto Star wants to hear about your favourite Canadian products

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imagesDo you love supporting Canadian-made products? Are you one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of Tail Wags Helmet Covers fans? If yes, I have a huge favour to ask: The Toronto Star is requesting submissions regarding your favourite Canadian-made products and I'm hoping Tail Wags customers will send in their Tail Wags photos and testimonials. I know it's bold of me to ask but a company can never have enough publicity especially small businesses like Tail Wags. Here's a link that provides all of the Toronto Star  information you'll need: As you know, Tail Wags are 100% Canadian-made. It's a challenge in this economy but we're committed to keeping everything local. Please note that the deadline for submissions is tight because it's for their Canada Day edition. Thanks, in advance, for your support!  

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