Why have Tail Wags Helmet Covers been so successful?

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It’s not every day you see an adorable, handmade product that also serves as an important accessory for promoting helmet safety! But Tail Wags Helmet Covers successfully achieve all of the above. Kids and adults WANT to wear their sports helmets when they have a whimsical and “cool” cover that transforms the ugly plastic shell of the helmet in to something magical, fun or “quirky”. And the advantage of Tail Wags is they fit ALL bike, skate, ski, snowboard, and equestrian helmets. So there’s no excuse for anyone to ride without a safety helmet!


At Tail Wags, we refer to riding without a safety helmet as “Naked Riding”. Riding “naked” is risky behavior because statistics have proven head injuries increase dramatically when cyclists, skiers and skaters are in an accident without proper helmet safety protection. For example, wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce Traumatic Brain Injury by 85% (source: Think First Foundation). None of us can prevent all accidents but we can certainly “Play It Safe”!

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