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1366760549Here’s a company near and dear to my heart because they are advocating for the manufacture of safer sports helmets: How this company began is as interesting as the work they are doing … Daniel McInnis was assigned a grade 8 school science project and so he opted to create a sports helmet that would better protect the wearer during high impacts. As a young person who had suffered from a concussion, Daniel knew firsthand the importance of protecting against brain injuries. During his research for his science project, Daniel discovered that high-density memory foam had special concussion reduction features that helmet manufacturers could be using instead of other foams. By switching the foam to this better quality foam, he was able to prove that the sports helmet provided better protection. Seems like a simple concept but the challenge now is to convince helmet sports manufacturers to switch to the higher-grade foam. Daniel’s science project has gathered a lot of interest at science fairs and, in fact, Dr. Blaine Hoshizaki took an interest to further Daniel’s research work. You can learn more about Dr. Hoshizaki by visiting this site: Believe it or not, the only helmets that are regulated in Canada are hockey helmets. Bike, ski and snowboard helmets are currently unregulated (Tail Wags has been advocating for the regulation of all helmets for years). Of course, the manufacturers of sports helmets are resistant to regulation even though we all know the safety of our children depends on it. Why are they resisting? Because the manufacturers are interested in their bottom line (profit margins) above all else. How can we change the above to ensure consumers are getting the best protection possible from the sports helmets we buy? First of all, please “like” and “share” the work of . They are working hard on our behalf to bring about necessary change. As well, please express your concerns about the lack of helmet safety regulation to your Federal Government representative. The government needs to know that Canadians are concerned about this issue and want change. What is Tail Wags doing to help with this issue? We are offering a special promotion until December 31, 2013. Tail Wags will donate 10% of all online Tail Wags orders with the coupon code, saferhelmets, directly to It’s a win/win for everyone. If you like this promotion, please show your support by sharing this blog post on your social media sites.

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