Would You Like to Earn 50% of Tail Wags Sales?

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UnknownI know ... it sounds too good to be true! At a 50% commission rate, Tail Wags Helmet Covers Fund Raising Program offers the highest commission rate of any fund raising program. Just imagine how much money you could raise for your child's school, skating or ski club, or favourite charitable organization through our program? Even better, you're selling a great product that is 100% Canadian made and promotes helmet safety. As well, our Fund Raising program is now completely electronic so the work involved is minimal for your Fund Raising Coordinator. Here's how it works:
  • Once your fund raising campaign is initiated, your group will receive a special link to the Tail Wags web site generated exclusively for your organization.
  • Your fund raising coordinator is responsible for forwarding this link along with a covering letter encouraging your program members, friends and family to purchase Tail Wags Helmet Covers. This letter should explain that 50% of all money raised is being donated back to your organization.
  • We encourage all fund raising coordinators to set a deadline for orders (2 to 3 weeks after your campaign begins). This is generally the most effective time frame for successful fund raising programs.
  • Please emphasize that your participants MUST order from the link provided in order to ensure sales are recorded as part of your campaign.
  • Payment for all orders is collected on the Tail Wags web site, thereby, eliminating the need for your coordinator to collect customer payments.
  • Helmet covers are shipped directly to each customer (standard flat rate fees are charged depending on where the order is  shipped, for example, $8.00 within Canada and $10.00 to the US)
  • At the end of your campaign, all sales are totaled for your program and you will be issued a cheque for 50% of the helmet covers sold. Please note this amount does not include money collected for sales taxes or shipping.

For more information regarding this fund raising opportunity or to initiate your campaign, please email with the subject line, Fund Raising Program, or call us at 416-482-3625.

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