Tail Wags are 100% Canadian Made

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UnknownThis is a powerful video that makes it abundantly clear that consumers can make a huge difference via their buying practices. The message is simple: support locally made products and the result will be more jobs and a stronger economy! Tail Wags Helmet Covers' pledge: All of my helmet covers are hand sewn within a 20 mile radius of my home. As well, all of the people I hire including my graphic artist, photographer, web programmer, printing services, bookkeeper, accountant (just to name a few) live close by as well: no outsourcing of jobs overseas in my company. Why am I so adamant about keeping it 100% Canadian? First of all I believe in making a quality product that will last even though it will get dragged down ski slopes and dropped on the skating rink, etc. Secondly, as the parent of two sons, I know our kids are counting on us to make sure our economy is strong so jobs will exist for them when they graduate. Please buy local. We all win when we do! Want to make an even bigger impact? Encourage your friends and family to buy locally made goods as well by sharing this video:    

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