The Mighty Fox Wins!

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Fox photoGran Fondo photoWe have a winner: After a long, nail biting race, the Fox team edged ahead by 38 votes. Congratulations to Ryobina Rhinocerous for rallying her friends and family to vote for her each and every day! She is now $300.00 richer.


But Tail Wags would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the tireless efforts of the Gran Fondo team who encouraged friends, family and total strangers to vote for them. They were able to recruit an impressive 759 votes. To thank them, Tail Wags has decided to award them a second prize of $150.00 which should help pay for a round of drinks at their congratulatory lunch.


Last but not least: Tail Wags Helmet Covers relies on the support of each and every one of you who voted so a big THANK YOU is in order. As a small business, marketing is an essential part of getting the word out about our adorable helmet covers and “Play It Safe” message. Social media success is fueled by “likes” and “shares” and this photo contest proved how a small group of people can have a BIG impact. Thank you again and I hope you’ll stay tuned to the Tail Wags Facebook page for upcoming information on our Spring giveaway campaign.


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