Monkey See, Monkey Do!

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Ladybug Mom & Bumble Bee baby (low res)Are you a good role model for your children? Do you believe in practicing what you preach? It's common knowledge for our kids to emulate what they see us doing - monkey see, monkey do! It’s not enough to tell a child to do something unless it’s followed by action. It is more effective if you lead by example; telling your child to put their clothes in the laundry basket is more likely to get done if you show them how it’s done. So why is it common to see kids wearing their safety helmets but not the parents when the family is biking together? As an avid cyclist, I will often go on two to three-hour bike rides every weekend during the summer. One of my favourite routes is a lovely bike path that leads from Sunnybrook Park to the Toronto waterfront. Although it’s always a pleasure seeing families enjoy fitness and fun, at least 50% of cyclers make the mistake of insisting their kids wear a helmet while the parents ride helmet-less. Parents, your brains are just as precious and fragile as your kids! Accidents can happen in a split second whether you’re following the rules of the road or not. Your children see you without a helmet and immediately interpret your behaviour, “ as soon as I’m old enough and when my parents aren’t watching, I don’t need to wear a helmet either.” However, is this the example you want to set? While the law only specifies helmet use for children under 18 years old (Province of Ontario – rules vary on your province or state), it does not mean helmets are unnecessary for adults. Please Play It Safe and Bucket Your Brain! This blog post was inspired by the following customer testimonial I received from a customer in Kingston, Ontario: “I will be honest; I did not wear a helmet prior to purchasing a helmet cover. But once I became a teacher, I knew that had to change. I am a role model, not only in my school, but also in my community, and my ladybug helmet cover is a great and fun way to promote helmet safety. I encourage everyone to wear a helmet. It protects your brain, and proves you have one.” Your feedback and comments on this blog post are always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!

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