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Pink Bunny Toboggan copyIf you are going to survive the long and cold months of winter, you need to play outside. Tobogganing, skiing, snowboarding and skating are just a few of the great winter sports that will keep you and your children active and help the winter months fly by!   I was saddened to read the article in Today’s Parent indicating that some cities are considering the ban of tobogganing on city slopes although I understand why there is concern. Did you realize there is a higher rate of injury when tobogganing than skiing and snowboarding? But is cancelling tobogganing the right way to go? There are already too many kids who are leading increasingly sedentary lives and tobogganing is an inexpensive and accessible sport that is FUN!   Snow-Fox-2So what’s the solution? There are plenty of ways you can keep your children safe while tobogganing:
  • First and foremost, a safety helmet is a MUST. They should be wearing a ski, snowboarding or skating/hockey helmet that properly protects the back of the skull (bike helmets are not designed for this sport).
  • The tobogganing hill should be free of rocks, fences, poles and trees and a safe distance from roads, rivers, lakes and parking lots.
  • Children must be supervised. Kids are impulsive and will often run across the speeding path of another sled. They should also be encouraged to move out of the way quickly when they reach the bottom of the slope.
  • Please teach children to slide down the middle of the slope and climb up the sides of the hill.
  • Only toboggan in the evening after dusk if the hill is properly lit. It’s impossible to see potential dangers in the dark.
  • Finally, ensure that the sled is in good condition.
  2 Princesses on TobogganI’d love your feedback: Will you be letting your children toboggan this winter?

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