Helmets for Kids Are Mandatory Not Optional

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Dear Toronto Star Editor,

I am a happy Toronto Star subscriber but I was upset to see the photo at the top of the Wheels Section on Saturday, July 11th, 2015. It portrayed 2 children and their dad headed out on their bikes and the kids were not wearing sports helmets – something that is illegal in Canada and certainly not safe or wise. As a helmet safety advocate, I actively try to promote helmet safety – your image sends the wrong message to children and adults because it gives the impression that wearing a helmet is optional and acceptable.


Perhaps an article on the importance of helmet safety prominently featured in your newspaper would help un-do some of the damage created by this poor choice of photos. I would be happy to contribute information on bike helmet safety if that would be helpful, for example, Transport Canada statistics show that 88% of the 80 cyclists who died nationwide in 2001 were not wearing a safety helmet. (source Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute


By the way, when I posted my dismay over your image on Facebook over the weekend, our readers were quick to add their outrage and encouraged me to go a step further and write this letter directly to you. I will also be posting this letter and if you reply directly to me, I would be happy to post your response on my social media sites as a way for you to publically rectify the situation.


Best regards,

Karyn Climans

Owner, Tail Wags Helmet Covers

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