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All the $ in world won't save your life but a helmet might!

Posted by Karyn Climans on

Richard Branson, Founder & CEO of The Virgin Group, is one of the richest men in the world. But it wasn't his money that saved him in a serious biking accident last week ...

it was his safety helmet.

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Our Boys Are Getting Hurt!

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The following post was written by Andrea Winarski, the brains behind the organization, Safer Hockey in Canada. It's message needs to be heard. Please "like" and "share" this article with other moms whose sons are involved in hockey. When you ask a 10 year old boy why he likes playing hockey, he will tell you it is fun.   “Being with friends, working on a team and scoring goals is ‘sick’.” says Liam of the Markham Waxers Atom AA team.  He may tell you of his heroes, Sydney Crosby and Steven Stamkos and he may tell you of his dream of...

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