Goldfish Helmet Cover - Girls, Boys & Adult

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Goldie the Goldfish is often nicknamed Nemo because of his resemblance to our favourite Disney character. The shimmering golden orange of this goldfish helmet cover will complement any outfit. Fabric: Sparkly Lycra. One size fits all. Washing instructions: hand wash and lay flat to dry. Convenient slit for easy goggle clip access.

"Your helmet covers were a big hit at the 2015 Tour de l'Ile de Montreal. Thanks again for adding a little extra fun to an awesome ride!" customer: Brent Garnett

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Susan K.
I am now well-known in the Seattle downtown-area bike commute because of this helmet cover. I was given a set of dynamite fish-patterned socks by some people in my bike room at work to match the helmet. I am the recipient of at least one 'hey, like your helmet' every day as I ride. The comments come from other riders, pedestrians, drivers and even--occasionally--bus drivers, one of whom cranked open his window to tell me how much he liked it as we stood at a stop light. I never expected that, and the degree to which the comments cheer me out of my paranoid high-vigilance riding state. So I have given several helmet covers of various types to my aging bike-riding friends, and they all report the same reaction. I hope that even a quarter of the referrals I've made have gotten to you.
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