Puffer Fish Helmet Cover - Girls, Boys & Adults

  • $1999
  • Save $2500

It's impossible for Spike the Puffer Fish to camouflage himself because of his bright yellow colour. But Spike doesn't need to worry about archenemies because he uses his crazy spikes on his helmet cover to fend off all enemies! Bright yellow Lycra. One size fits all. Washing instructions: hand wash and lay flat to dry. Convenient slit for easy goggle clip access.

"The Puffer Fish was the ONLY helmet cover amongst the 1,100 riders in today's Tour de Victoria. Every person who saw me said some variation of "Niiice hat!!!". It POURED with rain for about 25 km and the helmet cover kept my head dry. Thanks for making my day!!!" customer: Connie Dunwoody

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