Our Story

Karyn Climans

Over a decade ago, my family and I were skiing in Northern Ontario. While skiing, my son called out "mom", so I turned around and bam I skied full speed into a tree. Thank goodness for my helmet because it saved my life! It was a potent reminder that helmets save lives and sent me on a quest to make helmet-wearing FUN. Now there’s no excuse to not wear a helmet!

Today, Tail Wags features over 40 designs including superheroes and animal characters, each with its own personality and each making its own statement! From unicorns and dinosaurs to princesses and piranhas, children love dressing-up their safety helmets with Tail Wags Helmet Covers.

The Next Chapter:

Tail Wags’ passion for helmet safety continues to grow. Whenever I hear about a cyclist hit and killed by a driver at night, I’m reminded of the importance of BEING SEEN! As an avid cyclist, I want to find ways for bikes and cars to share the road. But as a driver, I’m terribly frustrated when driving at night and I can’t see cyclists because they’re dressed in black and don’t have sufficient lights/reflectors. That’s why I developed Nite Brite helmet covers that are highly reflective at night!

All parents want to keep their kids SAFE

Recognizing SUN SAFETY and HELMET SAFETY are both important, we created Sun Lidz.

The peak in front provides shade and the fabric at the back protects the ears and neck from sunburn.

Not one to rest on our laurels, we’ve introduced fully customized logo helmet covers so companies, teams and charities can add the WOW factor to their event! The helmet suddenly becomes a bulletin board for brands.

Our Commitment to YOU:

We won’t be satisfied until helmet wearing is commonplace for ALL sports where head injuries are a risk!

We are committed to providing a top quality, 100% handmade in Canada product that will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

P.S. Nothing gives me more pleasure than the customer testimonials and photos sent to us from satisfied customers. I am often told by customers that Tail Wags brings a SMILE to passers-by … isn’t this the greatest compliment!