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Red devil seen from a distance: As a ski instructor responsible for groups of 7 to 8 children, I like to be seen from a distance. My students have no difficulty finding me on the hills in my Red Devil helmet cover. K.Y., Collingwood Little Doggie Dude: "We just got home from a ski trip to Mammoth Lakes Resort in California. My three-year old son owns the very cute doggie cover. I've attached a photo....I just wanted to tell you how awesome his helmet cover is and how many compliments he's received. He's definitely noticed on the hill and all of the instructors called him, "Little Doggie Dude! We created above ! -Sharon Navarro
Helmet Safety Made Easy: For the longest time getting our three-year-old to wear his helmet was a battle. Not anymore. Now he begs to wear his "spider helmet," and wears it without complaint. Thank you! The Bergman-Wallaces.
Ninja Turtle & Pink Leopard Love ... and Canadian Made! " I wanted to send a note to say that we love our tail-wags covers (ninja turtle and pink leopard) as do everyone we pass on the hill. Our kids now love to use their helmets for all activities from skiing to biking and everything in between. I just read the article about you refusing the dragons offer to keep manufacturing in Canada. I, for one, respect that decision and will continue to recommend your product because of it. Great product, Great company." (customer: Todd Logan)


Best Looking Ski Team: They are FAST ... they are Furious ... but none the less Elliot Lake Sku "Princesses" racers at their first ever Nancy Greene ski race in Sudbury. Bobbie Schell

Wear a helmet for safety: I received a helmet cover for Christmas from my kids (teens), as they know I like to bike and ski. I also work in a brain injury rehab program so it was great to see this product as well as your information and labels promoting wearing helmets for safety. Timothy
Puffer Fish Wins the Race! This is a photo of me taken during the 2012 Tour de Victoria on Munns Road; it's a bit of a grind, going on for about 7 km and reaching inclines as much as 20%. Spike (the name I've given my puffer fish) made all the riders giggle with what air they had left (which might have been kinda means but hey ... I'll take any advantage I can get!) Connie Dunwoody

Christmas Helmet laughs: Our family purchased Tail Wags helmet covers for every member of our family for Christmas. During Christmas dinner, we all sat around the table eating our turkey with our helmet covers on (without helmets). We had so much fun choosing the helmet cover that suited the personality of each family member and then even more laughs giggling over the helmet covers on each of us! What are we going to do next year to top this year? J.K.

Great raccoon: I have had LOADS of great comments about the raccoon helmet cover that I wear most days as I cycle to school. Everything from drivers calling out of their car windows "nice hat... but stay out of my compost" to parents who have followed me for quite a way before pulling up beside me to ask, where can I buy them?  A.M.

Zebra at Whistler Mountain: I love my zebra helmet cover - it adds an extra layer of warmth for those super cold ski days and my husband has no trouble finding me on the hill or in the lift line. Dominique Racine
Tail Wags Brings A Smile To People's Faces: I received my order this week and I'm so pleased! My kids love them and Iook forward to giving the remaining three I ordered as birthday gifts. On our first bike ride wearing our Tail Wags, we were frequently asked, "where did you get them?" I was happy to pass along your web address. The best part about Tail Wags are the smiles they brought to everyone's face as we cycled by. Thank you! Kim Dempsey
Three year old out on the hills: Our family purchased four helmet covers at Craigleith ski club last weekend. We are delighted with them. My three-year-old grand-daughter actually went skiing (we had tried to get her out for the last three weekends) because now she could wear her new princess helmet. The twins look cute in the turtle and the monkey and the four year old loves his lobster.
Zebra rides a horse: I like wearing my zebra helmet cover over my equestrian riding helmet when I'm not competing. It protects the velvet and keeps my head warm when I'm mucking the stalls. J.R., Caledon Hills