Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What type of sport helmets do Tail Wags helmet covers fit?
Answer: Our helmet covers fit ALL bike, skate, ski, snowboard, toboggan, equestrian, and hockey helmets. They even fit the “bucket style” motorcycle helmets.
Question: How do I determine the correct size of helmet cover for my child?
Answer: The Fleece helmet covers are available in 2 sizes: child and adult. Most kids generally switch to an adult size at 11 years old. Lycra helmet covers are one-size-fits-all.
Question: What’s the difference between the Fleece and the Lycra helmet covers?
Answer: The Fleece helmet covers add a layer of warmth so they are ideal for the colder months (Fall, Winter & Spring). Lycra helmet covers do not add heat and, therefore, are perfect in the summer although they are still suitable for use all-year-round.
Question: Why is there a slit at the back of the helmet cover?
Answer: Ski and Snowboard helmets have a goggle clip so the wearer can safely hook his/her ski goggles to the helmet. The slit at the back of the helmet cover allows easy access to this clip.
Question: Are helmet covers safe?
Answer: Tail Wags Helmet Covers do not interfere with the job of the safety helmet in any way! Tail Wags are designed like a “shower cap” so they are not permanently attached in any way to the safety helmet. There are no snaps, ties or Velcro adhering our product to the helmet. It’s simply an elastic binding so if the helmet cover gets caught on something, the helmet cover will simply “pop off”.
Question: Why is it so important to replace a safety helmet if the outside shell is cracked, painted or has stickers attached?
Answer: Helmet manufacturers will not guarantee the safety of their helmets if the integrity of the plastic shell is compromised in any way. Painting a helmet or applying stickers MAY undermine the durability of the plastic shell.
Question: What are the shipping costs?
Answer: Tail Wags charges a flat rate shipping fee of $8.00 within Canada, $10.00 to the United States and $15.00 for all overseas orders. For all orders valued over $120.00 (before taxes & shipping), FREE shipping is provided on ALL orders regardless of their destination.
Question: How quickly will I receive my helmet cover order?
Answer: Tail Wags ships all orders within 24 hours. All orders are shipped directly from our warehouse in Canada. Expedited shipping is offered within Canada and Small Package Air Mail is provided to the United States and overseas. Delivery time depends on where you live. If you require faster delivery service, please contact us at for a shipping quote.
Question: Where are Tail Wags Helmet Covers made?
Answer: All Tail Wags helmet covers are designed and individually sewn in Canada. In fact all of the Tail Wags seamstresses live within a 20-minute drive from the Tail Wags warehouse. It truly is a 100% Canadian company.
Question: What’s the difference between the Tail Wags’ Fundraising and Affiliate Programs?
Answer: The Tail Wags’ Fundraising program allows you to earn 50% of all helmet covers sales but there is more work involved for the Fundraising Coordinator. The Affiliate program earns 10% of all online orders generated from your web site and does not require any work on your behalf other than the initial set-up which is simple and easy to do directly from the Tail Wags web site.
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