Pirate Tail Wags Helmet Cover - One Size

  • $2249
  • Save $2250

"Ahoy, Matey": that's pirate talk for "hello my friend". You won't have time to "swab the deck" when wearing this helmet cover because you'll be too busy biking, skating, skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or riding a horse! You'll love its sleek design and fabulous fit as well as its safety features:

* Pirate is made with 3M's latest technologies, thereby, ensuring you'll be visible at night.

* Water repellent so it will keep you dry year round.

* Protects your scalp on hot, sunny days because it's UV safe.

* Lightweight Lycra material does not add heat so it's ideal even during the summer.

* One size fits all: guaranteed to fit ALL sports helmets - child and adult.


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